Fish Balls from Yi Zhang Fishball

posted by Dyske

This is from Yi Zhang Fishball at 9 Eldridge Street. It’s really tasty. I wasn’t expecting to see anything inside, but this is fish and some sort of meat (probably pork). It’s only $3

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iPhone Apps for Preschoolers

Bitskis Iphone App

We (i.e. the creators of developed a series of iPhone apps for preschool kids. (My wife developed the characters and I did the coding.) Our own 4-year old daughter has been enjoying them. They are now available on Apple's App Store. You can search for "bitskis" on your iPhone, or visit the official website at

It's great for parents when they are traveling with kids (in a car, doctor's office, waiting for food at a restaurant, etc..). If you have kids and own an iPhone, please check it out. It's $2.