Famous Asians: Chinese, Japanese or Korean?

posted by Dyske

When I first created AllLookSame.com, I thought about using famous people in the quiz but I figured it would be too easy. This video proves me wrong. I’m shocked that some people think Kim Jong-il is Japanese. That could be a serious PR/diplomatic problem if some people think all those threats of nuclear testing are coming from Japan!

6 Responses to “Famous Asians: Chinese, Japanese or Korean?”

  1. yeah hmm says:

    people just don’t know or care about a lot. actually kind of says how people aren’t so raciest these days. I mean ask some people about famous Irish, French and Germans and I bet the average person would do just as bad. Hitler is from ah… ah… Russia????

  2. Frank Luo says:

    This video is not very indicative of the confusion. The vast majority of Americans simply have no clue who half of these people are. The way he asked the question (play a guessing game) set them up for this kind of failure. If he simply asked them “Do you know if *** is C/J/K?” they would just say they don’t know for a lot of them. But telling them it’s a guessing game and they’ll just throw random options out.

  3. Eric says:

    I like how the two black guys pretty much got all the answers correct. Well done!

  4. anonoman says:

    god help the youth of today.

  5. max hodges says:

    >We want to believe that race is just a superficial difference but there are certain characteristics that are clearly different by race.

    Says some random guy idiot on the internets. His own example is clearly false, as “asian” is not a race and the problem he speaks of–aldehydedehydrogenase polymorphisms (alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) and aldehyde de-hydrogenase (ALDH), which are responsible for the oxidative metabolism of ethanol) is not unique to people of Japanese, Korean or Chinese heritage, but affects people of North and South American Indian descent and other populations too!

    There is no genetic basis for the notion of race. This isn’t just wishful thinking. There really is no biological basis for race. To use the word “race” is like talking about “luminiferous ether”–an outdated and erroneous concept that contemporary science has discarded. As there can be more genetic difference between two people of the same ethnicity than between people of two different ethnicity—say between two individuals of Japanese and Chinese descent, respectively.

  6. Laura says:

    Omg so stupid I can’t believe it.

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