What kind of Asian are you?

posted by Dyske

This appears to be going viral…

And, here are some more related videos…

4 Responses to “What kind of Asian are you?”

  1. meso honny says:

    Chinks like big white dicks. White guys like tight Chink pussy, even if it doesn’t quite fit perfectly.

  2. mauka makai says:

    from my friend Jen:

    Excerpts from today’s conversation with a well meaning stranger:

    “Are you from Vietnam?”
    No, actually I’m from Hawaii.
    “Wow! How far is that?”
    From Atlanta? about a 10 hour flight.
    “No, how far from Hawaii to China.”
    (pause) I’m not sure…
    “I hear it’s beautiful there.”
    “No, Vietnam. How about your home country? Hawaii.”
    (longer pause) Yes, it’s beautiful there.

  3. Daniel says:

    To be fair, most Americans are mutts and don’t have strong cultural backgrounds. So often when they encounter ethnicities that do they tend to overreact out of curiouwith or ignorance or whatever.

  4. Discent says:

    We asians are great, we can conque the world.
    Viva la asia!

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