Asian American Man Who Armed the Panthers

By Dyske    August 21st, 2012

I’ve never heard of him before but this is an interesting story. By the way, the pronunciation of Aoki is wrong in this video. The “A” should not be “ei”, just “a”. (But maybe Richard Aoki himself pronounced it that way.)

3 Responses

  1. erik says:

    To Dyske

    Pronunced should be “pronounced”



  2. Dyske says:

    haha, thanks for catching that. Honestly, I had never realized that ‘o’ needs to be added when used as a verb, which is rather strange given that the origin of the word is Old French ‘pronuncier’. I wonder where the ‘o’ came from. That would be a question for my other website,

  3. erik says:

    OK, I cannot tell you what could be the lingual reason for adding the “o”.
    Never mind, glad I could help,


    P.S. I was typing “lingal” just now, but my spelling checker warned me!