Composite Faces of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Women

By Dyske    May 6th, 2009

Image by Dienekes Pontikos

These are faces created by compositing multiple faces of Chinese, Japanese, Korean women. Can you correctly identify which one is which? The answer is over at Dienekes’ Anthropology Blog.

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  1. Euiyoung Kim says:


  2. vanna says:

    from left to right:
    1. chinese
    2. korean
    3. japanese

  3. hellopeople says:

    This is too funny-without looking here, I gave my friend the same thing today! No telling, since it’d be cheating.

  4. wesugiHolic says:


  5. mikimoto says:


  6. hyungbina says:

    1. chinese
    2. korean
    3. japanese

  7. JonKeeBong says:

    chinese korean japanese

  8. Wai LS says:

    Certainly Chinese, Korean, Japanese.

  9. Wai LS says:

    Left to right, that is.

  10. jeirin says:

    left – right :

  11. mscottleonard says:

    left to right

    for sure

  12. Christian says:

    Left to Right: Korean, Chinese, Japanese

  13. Ducky says:

    chinese, korean, japanese

  14. Kendra Kaidel says:


  15. A. says:

    I know I can’t tell the difference.

    Here is a guess.


  16. Antares-1 says:

    chinese, korean, japanese =PPP

  17. Oulare Mamady says:

    The first face is Japanese
    The Second face is Chinese
    And the third Face is Korean

    You can call me +224-64-39-84-11

  18. lei xu says:


  19. snowball says:

    chinese, korean, japanese. >> eyebrows gave away the japanese, nose and eyes helped me distinguish between the chinese and korean. ^_^

  20. Cindy says:


  21. Tsuki says:

    Chinese Korean and Japanese. ^^

  22. maw says:

    I got it spot on. :-p

  23. Dawn says:

    Japanese, Chinese, Korean or possibly Korean, Chinese, Japanese

  24. mkko says:

    the one on the right is definately japanese.
    can’t really tell between the chinese and the korean
    i’m guessing chinese, korean, japanese

  25. Anita K. says:

    Very easy:

    Chinese, Korean, Japanese.

  26. Kerry says:

    from left to right: chinese, korean, japanese

    I tell from their smiles and eyes. Japanese people smile with mouth closed, Chinese with teeth showing. And Japanese people have a very unique look in their eyes.. can’t describe.

  27. Simon says:

    from left to right
    Japanese Chinese and korean

  28. David says:

    this is so pointless =.=”
    obviously we can’t tell Asians apart because we are of the same Mongoloid race
    however unlike the racist connotation that all Asian faces look alike, our faces are very much different individually just like people of any other races
    can u tell if a White person is French or Belgium? i think not =P

  29. val says:

    It is absolutely impossible to tell whether a particular Asian of the mongoloid race is from Korea, China,
    or Japan. Though there are racial characteristics, there are infinite individual differences. It is the same
    with caucasians and negroes. Likewise, it would be equally impossible to differentiate between an American, a Belgian, and a French person or a Kenyan from a person from Haiti.

    Each race has certain general characteristics and infinite individual variety. To the extent that persons
    of one race may have some difficulty discerning differences between members of races not their own
    may be more a question of exposure – or lack of it- than racism.

  30. Iris says:

    Chinese, Korean, Japanese.
    Like some others here, I sort them by their composite *smiles/expressions.* The way people show tension in the mouth I think is very telling, often culturally so. Then the composite hairstyle on the 3rd pic looked like something I’ve more often seen on Japanese. Lastly, since the Korean women I’ve seen are more generally pale than the Chinese (who seem to have a more diverse range of hues), I picked the paler 2nd pic to be Korean.

    To those people who say that it’s impossible to tell these things because within a certain race there are an infinite variety of characteristics, here’s what I have to say:
    You forget facial expression. If you feel physical facial features are irrelevant, fine, but consider that different cultures *do often* employ the muscles of their faces differently, in expressing the same emotions. OF COURSE we’re not talking about rules here, just likelihoods. IF all of these composite pics were of faces with “dead” or blank expressions, then it could’ve been more difficult to tell. But their expressions are NOT completely blank.
    Also, hairstyle is an expression that can be unique between cultures.
    And THOSE kinds of differences ARE relevant. I wish people didn’t have such a knee-jerk reaction to these types of things.

  31. Annunaki says:

    There’s one thing I sure of this..
    The right most is a Japanese woman.

  32. Jini says:

    chinese-korean-japanese (from left to right duh)

  33. Isaac Kojima says:

    I don’t know how to explain, but Chinese-Korean-Japanese (from left to right).

  34. Isaac Kojima says:

    Just after read the fellows comments.
    Val: how do you explain most part of the people can answer this question right?

  35. val says:

    Isaac –

    I really can’t explain it – the explanations are interesting. Do Koreans have paler skin and are Japanese
    eyebrows distinctive. I am at a loss.


  36. BJ says:

    You can definitely tell a person from Kenya and Haiti apart as no Kenyans were involved in the slave trade. Kenyans are from east africa, and although most Kenyans are of Bantu stock, they are very differentiable from west africans as a whole.

  37. BJ says:

    The 3rd girl looks wealthier, better maintained so I assumed Japanesed. Koreans have wide round faces in general, so I guessed number 2 and Chinese girls have yellow complexions with highly defined boned structure, so i guessed girl number 1. Dig?

  38. JonJon says:

    …I bet I’m correct since I consider myself an expert in Asian women! 😉
    (for those curious I am caucasian)

  39. JonJon says:

    I am correct!
    I’m the Mac Daddy!

  40. Matsumoto says:


    Here in Brasil There are a lot of Japanese Descendents…but i have never a Chinese or Korean here…my opinion is based just watching movies and searching for Asian photos on the net!

  41. Pax Japonica says:

    Chinese – Korean – Japanese
    because the differences in nose, eyebrows, and shape of eye (and possibly skin color)

  42. PavelGee says:


    (from left to right)

  43. Inst says:

    amazing how many people managed to get the composite right, whereas many people fail on alllooksame.

    In any case, for the people who got Chinese right, does the composite look like northern han or southern han?

  44. Healee says:

    I agree with the person who said “I wish people didn’t have such a knee-jerk reaction to these types of things.” We are ALL different – men and women, Chinese and Belgian, Canadians and Brazilians…instead of sticking to the same old “pc” garbage, why not acknowledge the differences? Delight in them and be PROUD of our differences?!? Different does NOT mean better or worse…it simply means different. Embrace it!

  45. Casey says:

    left to right: korean, chinese, japanese.

  46. well....... says:

    I don’t think average Chinese face makes any sense. Chinese are full of different DNAs. Chinese in Hong Kong and Chinese in Beijing look as much different from Japanese and Korean. In my view, Koreans are more like Mongolians with whiter skin and plain face.

  47. Vitalka says:

    From left to right: korean, japanese, chinese?

  48. Shanti says:

    It is clear that the Japanese have the most distinctive look from the answers above.

  49. yuri says:

    Chinese – because of her more angular shape of face & nose – I think they have the best shape of face.
    Korean – white skin, Rounder face compared to other two. – I think they have the best looking skin
    Japanese – shape of her eyebrows, smile and nose. – I think they have the best looking eyes & nose

  50. Xiah says:


  51. Vlad says:

    Somehow, it was easy for me to tell who is Japanese. I explain this by the nose shape, which the Japanese have, I’d say, “the least Asian”. Was more confused with the other too, because many of my Korean friends are darker, “tan”-skinned. I agree with someone else’s statement here that Chinese features seem more “angular”.

    I sincerely believe there is nothing wrong or impossible in seeing and discussing such differences. I am white, a Russian, living in a major metro area in the US. I know that I can tell a fellow Russian quite (not 100% of course) accurately just by looks. Similarly, because I have many friends and colleagues who are German, I often can guess I German person. Or a Swede. Or a Spanish person from an Italian.

  52. Jalen says:

    from left to right: chinese, korean, japonese
    I think the Japonese girl is the prettiest, followed by the chinese.
    i also think the Chinese one is southern han.

  53. sulian says:


  54. Len says:

    Chinese, Korean, Japanese.

  55. Seri says:


    Rightmost is Japanese definitely… they are mixed with their Caucasian indigenous peoples, like the Ainu.

    Middle is Korean… Koreans have a distinctive look.

    Chinese is generally harder to identify because they are multi-ethnic. If I met the leftmost on the street, I would not know for sure that they are Chinese, because the Chinese are just so diverse.

  56. Seri says:

    Also, Koreans are paler and taller than other Asians, so that’s another way to tell them apart.

  57. Thiago Biquiba says:

    wow, this is a tough one for me. I scoredonly 3, in the faces exam room. But here we go. From left to right: Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

  58. Thiago Biquiba says:

    *scored only

  59. Thiago Biquiba says:

    “obviously we can’t tell Asians apart because we are of the same Mongoloid race
    however unlike the racist connotation that all Asian faces look alike, our faces are very much different individually just like people of any other races”
    – I quite agree wih you bro. I like to play saying to me, that as I can’t to distinguish them, I also can’t to distinguish someone among Norwegian, Swedish or Finnish. Hoping when the chance to appear, to say it to any Asian/Asian descendant. Meaning that, if I think that they look alike, it don’t means that I’m racist/prejudiced or ignorant 😛

  60. Thiago Biquiba says:

    “Like some others here, I sort them by their composite *smiles/expressions.* The way people show tension in the mouth I think is very telling, often culturally so.”
    -Wow, you are good at it. But I’m very bad, I only scored 3 in the faces exam room, despite I know Koreans, Chineses and Japaneses 😛 I chose the the one in middle as Korean because she’s pale too. The one in the right side I choose as Japanese, but I can’t explain why 😛 I just think that she looks like others Japaneses 😛 The one in the right side, I chose as Chinese because I only had this left option 😛

  61. Vlad says:

    Look what those politicians, have done to us! We are wondering/afraid whether or not our comment may would sound “racist”, politically incorrect… “Oh, it may be racist to think they look same…” “oh, it may be racist if I look for ethnic-based difference in faces…” What a BS.
    Folks, let’s just speak with out hearts and be good. Racism is when you wish bad to someone based on their race. If you can’t tell, that’s OK. If you want to be able to tell, that’s even better. That is interest to other people, desire to understand.

    I am here because I am fascinated by Eastern Asian women. I believe they are God’s gift to all men and don’t care if someone thinks this is racist or not. I am here on this website to learn more, and I have.

  62. Kokoro says:

    1. Chinese: More angular face, im wondering if she’s slightly smiling or just has a very dry upper lip.
    2. Korean: Rounded face, a common feature in both Japanese and Korean, but she’s very pale, which I see alot in Koreans, though it could be a Japanese woman from Hokkaido as well.
    3. Japanese: Eyes and the nose. Smaller head -> usually smaller body -> a feature of most Japanese women.

    Either way, it would still be hard to tell the difference, especially if they did plastic surgery, we would never know… @_@

  63. RYOKU says:

    1. chinese
    2. korean
    3. japanese

    real sure about it.

  64. mete says:

    ch/ korean/ch

  65. Dan says:

    japanese, chinese, korean

    Nose of middle one looks just like Wuhan/Red-Cliffs people to me. Eye socket structure also matches.

    Left looks more Korean to me than the one on the right.

  66. Kate says:

    This is so easy:
    Chinese, Korean, Japanese

    The facial feature placements gave away the Chinese one.
    The skin tone, eyes and lower face gave away the Korean one.
    The nose and eyebrows gave away the Japanese one.

    I just checked, and this is the correct order 😀

  67. Rin says:

    I agree with Vlad. I, myself am Aisan American. Korean, American to be exact. My skin tone is more of a yellow-ish/light tan color. Not exactly pale. im mixed, so my eyes arn’t as slanted as a regular Korean’s eye. I got the Japanese one right away. The farther right. But the other two were harder. I looked at both of the skin tones, eyes, and mouths of the pics compared to mine. like I said it was harder cuz the korean pic was pale and mines is not…………(sigh…)

  68. Janice Y. says:

    It’s so funny what you people are writing. There’s no point in a page like this. Most of the people’s generalizations are stereotypical and are wrong. I am completely Han Chinese and I don’t have an “angular face”, I have a rounded one (No, I’m not fat, not in the least). My eyebrows are in a similar distinctive shape that the Japanese person here has. My skin is extremely pale and has been compared to porcelain(multiple times from multiple people), which is what some are claiming as a Korean feature. Come to Southern California, preferably an area where atleast 50% are Asians. You won’t be able to tell the difference in most women AND men since there are no true defining features.

  69. val says:

    Janice –

    Thank you for your comment. I am not Asian, but after reading all the comments following my opinion
    that it was simply not possible to definitively identify particular national groups, I was starting to feel
    pretty stupid. I lived for 40 years in the San Francisco Bay area which has a huge Asian population and I still can’t identify with certainty the ethnic background of any particular man or woman.
    I’m glad that you share the opinion that it is not as easy to identify a Chinese vs. Korean vs. Japanese as
    some posters on this board would have you believe.

  70. dawn says:

    I could not correctly identify them and I am Asian. Certain nationalities have a habitual way of holding a facial expression or posture, then you have the ethnic physical features mixed with blended cultural and societal influences, and it gets even more distracting so I totally understand your confusion in San Francisco. I used to just ask people, if I was curious, if it was out of genuine curiosity to know more about the person. Which is far less insulting than having someone tell you what you are supposed to be because it tells me more about you than who I am supposed to be.

  71. pmrcalaby says:

    I’m relatively sure that the woman in the middle is Korean. Apart from that, no idea.

  72. lilubi says:

    i think that korean has the smallest eyes while chinese has the largest eye..most 60% chinese has double eyelid escially the southern chinese.. only 30% of korean has double eyelid..chinese dont hav a specific look..they can vary a lot..i hav seen some chinese looking like japanese and korean… i think that generally korean has the fairest skin tone while japanese has the darkest skin tone..chinese is somehwr in between cus some has very light while some are dark

  73. Rawan says:

    1. chinese
    2. korean
    3. japanese
    from L to R.

  74. CatG says:

    I got it right even though I totally just failed the main face exam lol

  75. jtsix says:

    i believe the first one is chinese have small eyes but korean have them curver higher the second one is japanese they pale and the third one is korean their more darker in skin color .. there complexion are quite different their nose structures and also the cheek bones .

  76. JT says:

    Definitely Chinese, Japanese, then Korean.
    I can tell having lived in NY. It’s not only the color of the skin, and the shape of the eyes, but the expression of the face. I knew a woman who was born in China (both her parents on back were Chinese as well). She said she couldn’t tell the difference between Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Her son and mine were taking Karate lessons, and we were guessing what the teacher was.. I was right with Korean. She had guessed Japanese.

  77. KW says:

    There is only slightly difference between East Asian. I always got mistaken as Chinese, Korea, Japanese, Philippines, or Vietnamese. Being a man with mixture of Mongo, Manchu, Han Chinese, and Japanese etc, I properly looks ugly and dump with a feminine face.

  78. Mike says:

    Chinese, Korean, Japanese for sure!!!

  79. jim says:

    chinese, korean, and japanese from left to right

  80. RavynSkye says:

    2) Chinese

  81. kametung says:

    left > right
    Korean > Chinese > Japanese


  82. kim says:

    Left to right:

  83. Chaosangel says:

    Korean – Chinese – Japanese
    that’s what I’d say.

  84. stuzzi says:

    Left to right: Chinese Korean Japanese..

    In answer to David above: yes, I can tell Belgian from French. Belgian are half Dutch; French are half drunk.

  85. waka says:

    so easy
    Chinese Korean Japanese
    took me 1 sec

  86. Leeyoo says:

    from left-to-right :


  87. Fun Lover! says:

    Hahaha! Fun stuff! The admin shld make more of such quizzes…featuring all the other races…got to be real fun i bet!

    As for tis, it’s easy peasy, coz i’m chinese..hehehe!’s sth instinctual for us asians to identify another of our kind. ;-P Suppose it’s true 4 others of another region on this planet.. >_o
    Personally, i think the average chinese female looks sharper, korean looks fairer (complexion), japanese looks sweeter….well, that’s what comes 2 mind thru my lifelong observation.. 😀

  88. Roz says:

    chinese, korean, japanese

  89. askkorean1 says:

    Chinese ( Beijing, Shanghai area Chinese.)
    Korean ( Korean and Mongolians are same).
    Japanese ( Okinawan)

  90. C-hoi says:


  91. Maelys says:


    What is important is that a Japanese is mixed blood of people in the Yayoi Period and Jomon people. There is no gene of Jomon people in China and Korea. It was found in Tibet. the Jomon people is deep face with double eyelids. The people in the Yayoi Period resemble a Chinese and a Korean.

  92. A Chinese Dood says:

    I can tell which is which, but I doubt the Chinese composite is legit from all of China. Chinese girls from I’d say Northern and Coastal areas probably have whitish skin, but if you include all the rural areas they are probably the most tan of the three… lol

    In fact I am a descendant of Shanghai and my skin is slightly darker than that of the Japanese girl even. And I consider myself to have relatively bright skin lol.

    Finally about rumors about Chinese people generally lacking double eyelids, at least among overseas Chinese there is a very high prevalence of double eyelids, and I have double eyelids.

  93. rigzien says:

    no its not possible to say who is who but third one looks more like japanese woman

  94. Banzai888 says:


  95. M-ixes says:


  96. Slatka says:

    I admit that I usually cannot tell. However, I think in many ethnicities it can be hard to identify people. Not everyone fits the mold, so to say. For example, I am Serb and everyone tells me that I don’t “look” Serb. I also dated an Arab man who was fair skinned and had blue eyes. Some Albanians have the dark features, but there are also quite a few who can pass as Scandinavian.

  97. Bob says:

    it’s OBVIOUS that it’s: Chinese, Korean, Japanese

  98. shung says:


  99. Jani says:


  100. UesugiKen says:


    Well, tighter lip, the eyebrow and the nose (for Japanese=the prettiest of ’em all! Don’t argue anymore). I don’t want to comment about the others. Japanese beauties have pink rose skin and very prominent noses. Most but not all are shorter in height than their Korean sisters (correct me if I am wrong on this). More independent. Ganbare!!!

  101. Goha says:

    No doubt: Chinese, Korean, Japanese.
    Chinese: slightly shorter distance from the midpoint between the eyes and base of nose. Nose is also flatter and wider pointing upward. Bug’s bunny teeth with more developed gum.
    Japanese: the least Mongolian features of the three with softer look, rounder eyes, but with a more square jaw.
    Korean: somewhere in between, a lot more difficult to identify, at least for me!

  102. sanpai says:

    Chinese, Japanese, Korean.
    chinese are darker then japanese and eyes the are more slanted upwards. japanese is very light in skin. and korean have strong jaw lines. makeup/hairstyle/and shaping of the eye brows changes the look of people.

  103. sanpai says:

    i just noticed they say the race in order when they say can you tell them apart.

  104. la says:

    Korean, Chinese, Japanese

  105. K says:

    No matter! They, Eastern Asians, are beautiful!!!

  106. ami says:

    i look better than all of them…… im asian

  107. carol says:

    chinese, korean, japanese

  108. carol says:


  109. daugherty89 says:

    jap-kor-chiThis is too funny-without looking here, I gave my friend the same thing today! No telling, since it

  110. retarded says:

    This is the dumbest test ever because we all know everyone googled this stupid test and found out the correct answers and then posted the comments. From the asiaphiles to the nationalistic asians theyre all in the same boat.


    They couldve chosen the most Vietnamese looking chinese, the most flat faced korean and the most dolled up Japnaese woman. But they chose 3 that looked the most similar. The fact of the matter is. Each ethnic group has a distinct look but out of the three the Chinese are the MOST diverse. They are like the Russians of the East. People in America have a skewed sense of what Chinese people look like because almost 95% of Chinese Americans are from HONG KONG, southern china, who are genetically southeast asian. China stretches from Siberia to Vietnam, equivilant from Sweden to North Africa. Just remember China is not an race but a culture.


  111. UesugiKen says:

    You cannot avoid it. Race can sometimes be a way to stereotype a person, I am trying to avoid it. Don’t tell me you have not stereotyped someone’s race in your whole life? I should answer then: Southern Chinese, Korean, Japanese.
    The way you sound, you sound like your stereotyping Southeast Asians. Somewhat you want to imply that the Chinese model above does not look beautiful (to you?) so typecasting her as somewhat SE Asian/Vietnamese-looking. You sound like your a Northern Chinese — who are thinking that they are higher than those genetically SE Asian-Southern Chinese. The way some Nordic guys descriminate those black haired Southern Europeans (Heil Hi**er!!!).
    Well, I am sorry if I took your comment wrongly. My apologies in advance.

  112. askkorean1 says:


    1) Manchurian: Not Chinese.
    2) Korean: Korean, Mongolian are same.
    3) Okinawan: Southern Part Okinawa face. ( Kyushu and Kansai area look more Korean).

  113. Jaleel says:


  114. me says:

    That’s easy!
    From Left to Right:
    1. Korean
    2. Chinese
    3. Japanese

  115. Sindy says:

    LOLOLOLOL. The korean (in the middle) is the lightest. that’s funny. xD

  116. Marielle says:

    Korean, Chinese, and then Japanese. Living in Los Angeles, I’ve seen all kinds of Asians. I am Asian myself so I know how to distinguish them.

  117. cico says:

    french, italian and brittish :)

  118. CD says:

    1. chinese cuz she is alil darker with sharper jaws and slightly larger eyes that slightly lift instead of a heavy fold
    2. korean cuz the straight eye brows and wider cheek and jaw
    3. japanese due to the snaller nose and slight curve brows and the slight drop of the eye lids

  119. Suvorov says:

    They are all nice people!

  120. a724922 says:

    Japanese, Chinese, Korean

  121. Dipil says:

    1 – Portuguese
    2 – Indian
    3 – Nigerian.

    When will we get the correct answer?

  122. Yuang says:


  123. Peter says:

    I had expirience!
    2. Korean
    3. Chinese

  124. Khan Faruq says:

    1 Chinies
    2 Korean
    3 Japanies

  125. Kellie says:

    Japanese, Chinese, Korean this is right because Japanese women have longer oval facial structure while Chinese women have a more rounded face and Korean women have more of a squared cheekbone line.

  126. Ingrid says:

    1 Chinese
    2 Japanese
    3 Korean

  127. Giorgio says:

    I’ve seen enough movies from all 3 countries to tell them apart.

    1 ) Chinese… does have a mix of features that could indicate both Korean or Japanese, but then again China is a very diverse country.

    2) Korean… she resemble the Chinese woman in a lot of aspects except the eyebrows who are 100% Korean and has the shortest chin.

    3) Japanese 100%

  128. anon says:

    1) Chinese, Thinner face, slightly harsher features
    2) Korean Rounder flatter face, softer features
    3) Japanese A combo of the Chinese and Korean but with a bit of Ainu giving a more defined bridge in the nose then the Korean woman

  129. Danielle says:

    Chinese,Korean, Japanese. Chinese people have more rounded noses at the sides and in the middle. Korean women have very smooth faces with little to no contour and
    the Japanese woman is very obvious, we have the flattest noses and very round faces

  130. wayne says:

    U guys all ignored Taiwanese!!!
    We Taiwanese really play some roles in East Asian Society…

  131. mowpow says:

    the3rd pic suck my cock like a bitch i fuck her until she give up

  132. Charlotte says:

    Japanese, Chinese, Korean. Slighty longer face, slighty rounder face then high cheekbones. But this is so idealistic and does not apply in the real world. I took the face test and one guy that was Chinese had an exceptionally long face very uncharacteristic of the general Chinese look that we are told can help differentiate the races. Truth is we are all individuals and it’s always going to be a guess, albeit an educated one, because it is possible for any of the races to have a feature associated with another. (I love the east asian look =D)

  133. Charlotte says:

    The previous answer was going by face shape alone. If I go by eyes I get a completely different answer.

    Chinese, Korean, Japanese.
    Koreans generally have smaller eyes, or so i am told, and the last lady on the right does have a very Japanese look to her eyes.

  134. Ping says:


  135. saurers123 says:

    Hahaha. I still can’t see the difference between Korean and Chinese. I was unsure with these two but I got Japanese correct(must’ve been the influence of anime and manga. lol)

  136. anonymous says:

    The Ainu are caucasoid? Anyone who thinks that obviously have never actually seen a real Ainu.

  137. anonymous says:

    Everyone seems to be ignoring one huge factor here. It’s well known that cosmetic surgery is extremely poular in East Asia – I have been to both Japan and South Korea, and I have seen the results first hand. And being that these composite faces are of clearly of young women, and any large random group of young women in China, South Korea and especially Japan, is sure to include a high proportion of women who have had cosmetic surgery, this quiz is useless. Why especially Japan? Because Japan has been the richest country in East Asia for a long time — and cosmetic surgery, being a form of luxury, is largely dependent on the level of disposable income. South Korea, being the next in standard of living today, is also high on that list (although their numbers are said to be highly exaggerated due to the influx of women from China, Taiwan and Japan who go to Korea to take advantage of its combination of high standard and reasonable prices), as are Taiwan and Hong Kong. And of course, with mainland China’s standard of living rising steeply, Chinese women are catching up fast. If you want a more true-to-life comparison of composite faces, you should use old ladies as subjects.

  138. Vitruvius says:

    How I go about identifying them:
    1. Eyes: Japanese have bigger eyes (compared to their face)
    2. Lips (facial expression): Japanese and Koreans close their lips tighter, especially the Japanese, which gives them a very “confident” look
    3. Nose: Japanese have higher noses
    4. Skin colour: Darkest Japanese -> Lightest Korean
    5. Face: Japanese have smaller faces
    From these traits, #3 is definitely Japanese. I had difficulty telling the difference between #1 and #2. Skin colour is different but I can’t be sure, northern Chinese have very pale skins as well. I think the major difference is their lips.

  139. Victoria British commercial harbor H.K. says:



    (中Zhōng华huá人Rén民mín民Gòng共hé和guó国) (中Chung華hwa民 Min國kuo)

    what is the same in those three nation passport holder is AMERICAN don’t have to learn their language or writing scripts because those citizen both are thinking [standard English ] is the only language in the Europe and america , they don’t think , francaus language , Deutsche language and Italiano language and Romansh language were same as English!

  140. louis says:

    chinese is taller and paler than japanese and korean korean has smaller eyes high cheek and paler than japanese japanese is darker than those two japanese is more on chin and bigger eyes and pointed nose

  141. Brandi says:

    from left
    Chinese i know for a fact :)

  142. SO OBVIOUS says:


    very obvious differences

  143. Karla says:


  144. Kimu says:

    1) Korean
    2) Chinese
    3) Japanese

  145. gaby real says:

    dejense de estupides
    no hay mas que decir

  146. An Asian Person says:

    You can and can’t tell. And Why do you want to tell East Asians apart anyway? Do people play games like this to tell white people apart?
    I mean most of the time you can tell people apart by their facial expressions, the way people act and dress, and facial muscles develop differently according to the language you speak too. Quite often you can tell if an Asian person grew up in the West not only by their mannerism. Identical twins could look very different if they grew up in different environments with different diets.
    China is a vast and ethnically diverse country. Chinese is not an ethnicity it’s a nationality. Even people within the Han group from different parts of China can look remarkably different. Southern Chinese are genetically closer to Southeast Asians. And Northern Chinese to Mongolians, Koreans and Siberians. facial features can vary widely depending on which part of the country you are.
    And Japan is also pretty diverse too. Okinawans and Ainu people can be distinct to Mainland Japanese, even mainland Japanese can be very different.
    Of course this is also only a generalisation.

  147. BeRyan says:

    L to R: C, K, J

    Korean is the easiest for me since I’m currently in Korea and their eyelids and eyeshape are quite distinct. Next I had to debate between Japanese and Chinese. I made the decision based off nose shape and more angular facial structure. Japanese tend to have ever so slightly rounder faces.

  148. Ugly American says:

    L-R: Chinese-Korean-Japanese

  149. kangbin says:

    The korean women’s eyes is so …..\ ∕

  150. Justin says:

    It’s the same woman in different poses and edited photographs

  151. Charlie says:

    Chinese, Korean, Japanese

    I’m certain of it. I’ll eat my hat if I’m wrong.

  152. Stellar says:

    Chinese, Korean, Japanese.

    I’m a korea woman ^^.. I am sure that I’m right.

  153. papasmurft says:

    Chinese, Korean, Japanese
    Chinese was easy, the composite looks almost exactly like a Chinese friend of mine.
    Other two were harder. The middle one could be either Korean or Japanese. Looks like the famous Noh mask, no? Also looks like pictures of Japanese WWII soldiers. Maybe it got lost in the composite, but there are Japanese with that kind of face. But, the one on the right has that Japanese nose, the rounder eyes, the little polite smile ready at any moment to go into ‘excuse me, please’ or ‘I’m so sorry’ mode, and looks similar to a number of Japanese actresses. While I’ve seen hundreds of Japanese looking somewhat like this, I can’t place that face in Korea.
    So there you have it.

  154. Africanwholovesallpeople says:

    All are beautiful. I believe Chinese Korean Japanese.

  155. Korean Chick says:

    It’s pretty obvious….

    (left to right) Chinese – Korean – Japanese

    not so much face shape, but it’s the eyes, mouth, and nose.

    Generally, I think Chinese people have “panda” noses. LOL not to be racist, but they look pandaish if that makes sense. Koreans have half moon eyes, so the bottom is a straight _____ line and the top is the round part. Japanese is tough, because if they have small eyes, it looks very Korean, and if they have big eyes, they sometimes look Chinese. I think Koreans and Japanese are harder to tell. Maybe because I’m korean I can tell them apart

  156. Japanese says:

    I am a Japanese

    left from the right
    It is a Korean, a Chinese, a Japanese

    The Japanese nose is not an upswing

  157. Taiwanese says:


  158. jyoti says:


  159. wowguyswiseupplease says:

    dear visitors of this site,

    the fact that you are still guessing who is who, shows just how ignorant you are.

    Read more about history.


    And you would know, through milleniums of diaspora and migration between all three nations, none can truly call their people its own.

    And if you are a hardcore nationalist, you may just ignore my words.

    From a Chinese
    (P.S. i DON’T hate japanese and koreans. Seriously, what is the point anymore.)

  160. Ermek says:

    1.Korean 2.Chinese 3.Japanese

  161. stamos says:

    from left to right >>> Canadian, African, Australian

  162. olga says:

    I thought the first face was Japanese, but most of the commentators say Chinese so I will take their word for it. However, I can be certain the middle is Korean because they tend to have rounder faces.

  163. sebastian says:


  164. MC says:

    1. chinese
    2. korean
    3. japanese

  165. ara says:

    definitely (left-right)
    Chinese, Korean, Japanese
    I think it’s the eyebrows and the facial expression that distinguishes their country of origin.

  166. Fudge says:

    1. Asian
    2. Asian
    3. Asian

    I get followed around in stores by all three: chinese take out korean hair stores and Japanese clothing chops ^_____^

  167. Dex Jerkon says:

    I think most people here still got an eye for telling Asians apart.

    Chinese – Korean – Japanese from left to right =))) Definitely, seen too much of them to mistype.

  168. Barbara says:


  169. Anon says:

    From left to right:

    This has to be it! BTW, is this, like, some sort of white supremacy site? I can’t tell, but the tests are fun~! Not I’m a white supremacist or anything! ^^;

  170. Anon says:

    From left to right:

    This has to be it! BTW, is this, like, some sort of white supremacy site? I can’t tell, but the tests are fun~! Not I’m a white supremacist or anything! ^^; I’m, like, 100% certain that 3.) is Japanese though!

  171. Mac Chauncey says:

    Firstly, I am a guy from NORTHEN CHINESE.I’ve seen lot’s of MV of KOREA and uncountable AV from Japan.Therefore I can distinguish them clearly.(–LOL–I,m just kidding~)
    They are Chines, Korean, Japanese respectively.
    Since Korean are too thin,cuz their diet is pickled vegetable, pickled cabbage, pickled greens,you know. By contrast ,Chinese love pork,high calory diet, very much, and Chinese food is really very various so that I can always eat a lot but to be anorectic.
    The third one is Japanese obviously for that all my friends sense that.

  172. Mac Chauncey says:

    *Northen China

  173. Puta says:


  174. Puta says:

    I,Mexican from the north

  175. HUAI JI says:

    As an oriental, I would definitely say CHN,JPN,KOR

  176. Candy says:

    1. Chinese
    2. Korean
    3. Japanese