Composite Faces of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Women

By Dyske    May 6th, 2009

Image by Dienekes Pontikos

These are faces created by compositing multiple faces of Chinese, Japanese, Korean women. Can you correctly identify which one is which? The answer is over at Dienekes’ Anthropology Blog.

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  1. Euiyoung Kim says:


  2. vanna says:

    from left to right:
    1. chinese
    2. korean
    3. japanese

  3. hellopeople says:

    This is too funny-without looking here, I gave my friend the same thing today! No telling, since it’d be cheating.

  4. wesugiHolic says:


  5. mikimoto says:


  6. hyungbina says:

    1. chinese
    2. korean
    3. japanese

  7. JonKeeBong says:

    chinese korean japanese

  8. Wai LS says:

    Certainly Chinese, Korean, Japanese.

  9. Wai LS says:

    Left to right, that is.

  10. jeirin says:

    left – right :

  11. mscottleonard says:

    left to right

    for sure

  12. Christian says:

    Left to Right: Korean, Chinese, Japanese

  13. Ducky says:

    chinese, korean, japanese

  14. Kendra Kaidel says:


  15. A. says:

    I know I can’t tell the difference.

    Here is a guess.


  16. Antares-1 says:

    chinese, korean, japanese =PPP

  17. Oulare Mamady says:

    The first face is Japanese
    The Second face is Chinese
    And the third Face is Korean

    You can call me +224-64-39-84-11

  18. lei xu says:


  19. snowball says:

    chinese, korean, japanese. >> eyebrows gave away the japanese, nose and eyes helped me distinguish between the chinese and korean. ^_^

  20. Cindy says:


  21. Tsuki says:

    Chinese Korean and Japanese. ^^

  22. maw says:

    I got it spot on. :-p

  23. Dawn says:

    Japanese, Chinese, Korean or possibly Korean, Chinese, Japanese

  24. mkko says:

    the one on the right is definately japanese.
    can’t really tell between the chinese and the korean
    i’m guessing chinese, korean, japanese

  25. Anita K. says:

    Very easy:

    Chinese, Korean, Japanese.

  26. Kerry says:

    from left to right: chinese, korean, japanese

    I tell from their smiles and eyes. Japanese people smile with mouth closed, Chinese with teeth showing. And Japanese people have a very unique look in their eyes.. can’t describe.

  27. Simon says:

    from left to right
    Japanese Chinese and korean

  28. David says:

    this is so pointless =.=”
    obviously we can’t tell Asians apart because we are of the same Mongoloid race
    however unlike the racist connotation that all Asian faces look alike, our faces are very much different individually just like people of any other races
    can u tell if a White person is French or Belgium? i think not =P

  29. val says:

    It is absolutely impossible to tell whether a particular Asian of the mongoloid race is from Korea, China,
    or Japan. Though there are racial characteristics, there are infinite individual differences. It is the same
    with caucasians and negroes. Likewise, it would be equally impossible to differentiate between an American, a Belgian, and a French person or a Kenyan from a person from Haiti.

    Each race has certain general characteristics and infinite individual variety. To the extent that persons
    of one race may have some difficulty discerning differences between members of races not their own
    may be more a question of exposure – or lack of it- than racism.

  30. Iris says:

    Chinese, Korean, Japanese.
    Like some others here, I sort them by their composite *smiles/expressions.* The way people show tension in the mouth I think is very telling, often culturally so. Then the composite hairstyle on the 3rd pic looked like something I’ve more often seen on Japanese. Lastly, since the Korean women I’ve seen are more generally pale than the Chinese (who seem to have a more diverse range of hues), I picked the paler 2nd pic to be Korean.

    To those people who say that it’s impossible to tell these things because within a certain race there are an infinite variety of characteristics, here’s what I have to say:
    You forget facial expression. If you feel physical facial features are irrelevant, fine, but consider that different cultures *do often* employ the muscles of their faces differently, in expressing the same emotions. OF COURSE we’re not talking about rules here, just likelihoods. IF all of these composite pics were of faces with “dead” or blank expressions, then it could’ve been more difficult to tell. But their expressions are NOT completely blank.
    Also, hairstyle is an expression that can be unique between cultures.
    And THOSE kinds of differences ARE relevant. I wish people didn’t have such a knee-jerk reaction to these types of things.

  31. Annunaki says:

    There’s one thing I sure of this..
    The right most is a Japanese woman.

  32. Jini says:

    chinese-korean-japanese (from left to right duh)

  33. Isaac Kojima says:

    I don’t know how to explain, but Chinese-Korean-Japanese (from left to right).

  34. Isaac Kojima says:

    Just after read the fellows comments.
    Val: how do you explain most part of the people can answer this question right?

  35. val says:

    Isaac –

    I really can’t explain it – the explanations are interesting. Do Koreans have paler skin and are Japanese
    eyebrows distinctive. I am at a loss.


  36. BJ says:

    You can definitely tell a person from Kenya and Haiti apart as no Kenyans were involved in the slave trade. Kenyans are from east africa, and although most Kenyans are of Bantu stock, they are very differentiable from west africans as a whole.

  37. BJ says:

    The 3rd girl looks wealthier, better maintained so I assumed Japanesed. Koreans have wide round faces in general, so I guessed number 2 and Chinese girls have yellow complexions with highly defined boned structure, so i guessed girl number 1. Dig?

  38. JonJon says:

    …I bet I’m correct since I consider myself an expert in Asian women! 😉
    (for those curious I am caucasian)

  39. JonJon says:

    I am correct!
    I’m the Mac Daddy!

  40. Matsumoto says:


    Here in Brasil There are a lot of Japanese Descendents…but i have never a Chinese or Korean here…my opinion is based just watching movies and searching for Asian photos on the net!

  41. Pax Japonica says:

    Chinese – Korean – Japanese
    because the differences in nose, eyebrows, and shape of eye (and possibly skin color)

  42. PavelGee says:


    (from left to right)

  43. Inst says:

    amazing how many people managed to get the composite right, whereas many people fail on alllooksame.

    In any case, for the people who got Chinese right, does the composite look like northern han or southern han?

  44. Healee says:

    I agree with the person who said “I wish people didn’t have such a knee-jerk reaction to these types of things.” We are ALL different – men and women, Chinese and Belgian, Canadians and Brazilians…instead of sticking to the same old “pc” garbage, why not acknowledge the differences? Delight in them and be PROUD of our differences?!? Different does NOT mean better or worse…it simply means different. Embrace it!

  45. Casey says:

    left to right: korean, chinese, japanese.

  46. well....... says:

    I don’t think average Chinese face makes any sense. Chinese are full of different DNAs. Chinese in Hong Kong and Chinese in Beijing look as much different from Japanese and Korean. In my view, Koreans are more like Mongolians with whiter skin and plain face.

  47. Vitalka says:

    From left to right: korean, japanese, chinese?

  48. Shanti says:

    It is clear that the Japanese have the most distinctive look from the answers above.

  49. yuri says:

    Chinese – because of her more angular shape of face & nose – I think they have the best shape of face.
    Korean – white skin, Rounder face compared to other two. – I think they have the best looking skin
    Japanese – shape of her eyebrows, smile and nose. – I think they have the best looking eyes & nose

  50. Xiah says: